How to wear the ‘suit’ pants

I often get positive comments on my work outfits. I tend to keep a strict commitment look for work, always looking professional but I need to add my personal style to my look. I love making people see that I am a fashion lover and that dressing up in the morning is my favorite time of the day.

I get to choose how I am going to be seen all day, the impression I’m going to be making to others… and You never know who you might meet on a random day; no matter where in the world you are…

Anyways.. Here in Argentina, women tend to dress VERY simple for work.. and when i say simple, I mean it. Everyone just wears the first thing they find in their closet. In summer girls wear sandals with platforms, a simple jean (a dark color probably) which is rolled up in the ankles and a shirt with a sweater on top with the collar popping out… (obviously that’s just one example, but you get the idea..)

Soo.. I am going to show you some ideas of how I tend to dress, or get inspiration by.. Simply by using the ‘suit’ pant. Different types of them, which can make an outfit for work look ideally professional, trendy, fun, comfy because its loose & it can even be styled with sneakers, and if you’re going to be heading to a client meeting.. trust me you will be calling someone’s attention.



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