FP: Western TRENDS


Have trouble finding a chic hippie western look? Don’t worry I got you covered! Here are some of my favorite items to shop now in this season at my favorite store of all time: FREE PEOPLE.

I’ve made a combination of vintage, western and modern pieces, to create different outfits with essential items. No need to wear it all, although too much is never enough.. but to show you some of the things that inspire me to create the western look we are all loving!

I love to combine a statement jacket, with a big belt, and something in the head or neck. Studs and vintage are the best way to go. Add a hat and some chokers and long necklaces and you are ready to step into the festival field.

Especially with the COWBOY BOOTS, which are trending like crazy now. So what better time to spend your money on , you won’t just be using them during Coachella, but all season long!


43906445_001_0←studded easy rider jacket

46022513_001_a←shrunken embellished blazer

46987434_001_a←go sit on a cactus jacket


40642977_020_0.jpeg←Understated Biker boot

42076141_001_b←Sawyer ankle boot

34741843_023_e←queen wood western boot

←grove lace-up western

41437328_001_b←flat road western bootie


44445625_001_b←grand canyon pocket belt

43025931_001_a.jpeg←paris texas western belt

45316379_001_b.jpeg←delian vegan belt

44145308_023_a←jimi hat embroidered hat

44890697_001_b←morrisey felt distressed hat

42349183_001_c←turquoise horn ring

45127735_065_b←ranchero leather necklace

45917267_013_b←bandana scarf pony

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