Leather jacket Fury

The classic wardrobe staple you will never lay your hands off, and will take the applause in any simple outfit is the new and improved Leather Jacket.

It is the key piece to that streetstyle look with the ripped jeans and white t-shirt, or the mini skirt and the tank top. It goes well in every possible combination outfit, from an elegant dress to a simple short or ripped jean or a night outfit in leather skinny jeans and a pajamas satin monochrome outfit.

IMG_2274 Although the classic ‘black leather moto jacket’ is the ideal piece to the wardrobe, and is THE must have piece every season, I am absolutely in love with all types of different leather jackets…. including studs, fringes, flowers, patches, all colors, lengths and sizes.

‘The essential outerwear piece adds a cool-girl element to any outfit. But finding the perfect leather jacket can be a challenge.’

Click below to explore & shop our favorite Jackets


z&v liya studs→ZANDVOLTAIRE

All saints bales biker→ALLSAINT HIGH

iro vandry short leather jacket→IRO BIG BLACK

Acne Studios myrtle oversized biker→acne studios

z&v kawai tatto deluxe jacket→ZADIG W DESIGN

iro guara leather black→IRO

understatedleather dusty leather wings jacket→UNDERSTATEDLEATHER BLACK

iro dumont leather jacket→iro ruffle

rapsodia campera cuero bugs→rapsodiaar_11113812846i_01_1

rapsodia blair cuero→RAPSODIA

zara faux suede with fringe→ Untitled picture

all saints haworth biker suede→ WL024N-5229-5

iro ashville leather poppy red→IRO RED

ZARA FAUX LEATHER BIKER→3046041800_6_1_1




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