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AVON; home for the next few months

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AVON; home for the next few months

After a one week road trip, which was AMAZING, we can finally call ‘home’ to the town of Avon… or at least our home for the next couple of months..

We decided to begin our life together in Beaver Creek, Colorado. Taking advantage of the winter season and the snow! We try and ski as often as we can , and explore the town and its surroundings.

Some tips around town.. visit the Beaver Creek Village. It’s beautiful to walk around and explore the shops, especially during a nice day. There are great restaurants and pizzerias! Also a great bar full of locals : Coyote.

We’re staying at The Christie Lodge, located right under the BC Mountain. We decided to rent here for the next couple of months, and for the last week it has been great! They treat us amazing, and have everything right when we need it. We enjoy using the gym a lot and the Jacuzzi has been a MUST every day.

‘Lovers & friends till the end’

Today we went to buy some food and supplies at the City Market and Walmart. Advice: head first to City Market, take advantage of the great sales they have on specific items each day and later head to Walmart. There are specific brand food items which are cheaper at Walmart, but if you find it on sale at City Market it might be less than half the price at Walmart!

We ended up buying lots of food and utensils for cooking. Since eating out is expensive, we decided to cook a lot and gourmet foods! (Agustin is a great chef and cook, and enjoys creating splendid meals!)

We’ll be posting some more places to head to and interesting plans to do during the day and at night! Now we gotta run and cook 😉


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