Raider or tailored ski apparel?

The ASPEN attire and the Courchevel Attire has been something we are seeing a lot up in the mountains and paired with some nice ski boots. The stylish tight ‘onesie’ has returned to the mountain in the high level skiing resorts.

CORDOVA CO- a brand considered to be designer ski wear, tailored ski & apres ski apparel for woman who love to explore rich, illustrious enviroments, and look great while doing it. ( not necessarily do you have to be a great skier, but the outfit counts!)

What we call ‘the runway look for the fashionable ski girls’.

On the other hand we have the ‘raider’ skiers. These are the ones who do take up the entire mountain showing off their park skills, their jumping and half pipe stunts. These woman are the ones the Argentinean look is after. They wear their big ski jackets right the knee , mix complimentary dark colors up, matching a turquoise jacket with an orange helmet, and will probably buy mens size. But THESE are the ones to look at while your sitting at the chair lift, because they’ll probably be the ones doing the cool tricks.

But what about if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on ski gear or outfits? Well, I’ve heard of a COOL vintage shop that has awesome sales, and you will definetly call for our attention in the mountain..

TIPSYELVES.COM has the right gear for your retro- 60’s vintage look.

Would you try some vintage pop-up colorful onesies? Retro 60’s style?

Basically, if you just wanna stay classy and look the part, go with the Cordova CO. It’s very stylish, you will feel comfortable, made to suit those woman who are always cold, and you will call some fashionable womans’ attention, that’s for sure.

CURRENT MOUNTAINS this apparel is accepted: Vail Mountain, Beaver Creek Mountain, Aspen, Keystone Resort, Park City Utah, Lake Tahoe, Breckenridge, and we are hoping to visit some others!

PS: If you want to wear the boot outside the pant, this look has been reappearing in the mountain, it is not necessarily a vintage style; I call it pretty stylish and unique in the mountain tops and for apres ski!



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