Road trip Hacks ✓

Packing for a road trip might seem easy and quick; especially for a two day road trip to somewhere close by.

But sometimes when something seems easy and you simply add things to your bag, you end up forgetting a lot of the essentials and spend way more money than what was ideally planned.

We learned to pack on budget and be conscious about what we pack and what we would use it for..

I’ve always been crazy for clothes, styles, looks for pictures…. but I’ve realized it’s kind of hard to take EVERYTHING you want in a little bag for a 2-3 day road trip. So I learned to pack the basic essentials, combine them with different outfits and to make them look different in every picture!

 But going back to planning to pack for your road trip: if you’re on a low budget and you’re going for 2/3 days it’s ideal to go to a local market before leaving and buy food!

This is one of the most expensive things on a trip. We realized prepped food for the road is KEY to not having extra costs unexpected, like cheat buys at a gas station or a stop halfway there.

Our ideal prepped meals are: burritos wrapped in aluminum, prepped salad, hummus and chips for the road and lots of granola bars! All healthy and nutritious.

Snacks such as nuts and fruit are also ideal and perfect for on the go.

So how we do it is: the day before leaving we head to the market and buy some essentials, food and bathroom necessities. We cook up some chicken and strip it down, some rice, sweet onions and pepper, buy shredded cheese and the BIG tortillas and separate everything into tuppers. We either make the burrito and wrap it for the car ride or create a cool salad for the way.

Everything else we put in a Food bag and take it all for the trip. We save SO much money doing this, we also get to eat healthy and very satisfying amounts.

Of course if we want to go out we do, but having this option is GREAT!

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