Road trip Hacks ✓

Packing for a road trip might seem easy and quick; especially for a two day road trip to somewhere close by. But sometimes when something seems easy and you simply add things to your bag, you end up forgetting a lot of the essentials and spend way more money than what was ideally planned. We … Continue reading Road trip Hacks ✓

Raider or tailored ski apparel?

The ASPEN attire and the Courchevel Attire has been something we are seeing a lot up in the mountains and paired with some nice ski boots. The stylish tight 'onesie' has returned to the mountain in the high level skiing resorts. CORDOVA CO- a brand considered to be designer ski wear, tailored ski & apres … Continue reading Raider or tailored ski apparel?


Destino: BARILOCHE Para festejar nuestros dos años de novios decidimos hacer una escapadita al Sur! Ubicado en la region Patagonica de Argentina, en la provincia de Rio Negro. Nuestro viaje comenzó en un hostel la primer noche en el centro de la ciudad! Ideal para poder recorrer caminando los alrededores de día y aprovechar a … Continue reading Bariloche: SUR ARGENTINO